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Welcome to Middle School Language Arts 

Karen C Caccavale   NBCT

March 2019




    6th grade: Things Not Seen

6th grade will be reading and discussing characterization, themes, and important ideas in Socratic Seminar.  Students will be preparing for these discussions by using "Thinking Notes" - a way of annotating as they read, and completing Character Trait Analysis Charts.    Students will also write in their writing books daily, and draft their essays - a narrative essay, and they will  Homework will be daily reading, and studying for the vocab quiz on Fridays.  



   7th grade:  Milkweed

7th grade will be reading and discussing themes, characters, and setting of the novel, in Socratic Seminar format.  In addition, students will be preparing and presenting a '60s project.  We will also be writing to daily prompts, and draft a narrative essay.  They will also complete units one through three in our Sadlier Vocabulary books.  Homework will be daily reading, and studying for Friday vocabulary quizzes.  



   8th grade:  Anne Frank:  Diary of a Young Girl                                      

8th grade will read and discuss characters, themes, and key topics in the novel Socratically.  As a small group, they will create a "character sketch" poster of one of the main characters in the novel, referencing the text for evidence of character and physical traits.  They will compose a narrative essay draft, and will complete units one through three in Sadlier Vocabulary.  Homework will include daily reading and studying for weekly vocabulary quizzes.  






Grade Weighting:

Tests-50%  (Tests, Projects, Speeches, Final Essays)


Homework-15% (If I give a quiz about the previous night's reading, it counts as a homework grade!)