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"All children are artists, the challenge is how to remain an artist once we grow up."
-Pablo Picasso






Welcome to the art page at Franklin Township School.

Take a look at the Artsonia link in the

"FTS Student Art" section and see what

we've been working on!







 '18 - '19



~ FTS Student Art Exhibit ~

Monday, June 3rd.

6pm - 7:30pm


~ Hunterdon Art Museum ~

Student Showcase

3/25 - 4/8


Hunterdon County Art Exhibit ~

Hunterdon Health & Wellness Center

~ March 9th - 23rd ~


~ AENJ Youth Artist Month (YAM) ~ 

State House, Trenton, NJ

March 1st. ~ March 8th.



~ Hunterdon County Library Youth Services Art Exhibit ~

January 2019


~ AENJ Fall & Winter Exhibit ~

NJPAC in Newark, NJ


This year I am proud to announce the

return of the FTS Student Art Club! The Art Club

 is designed to enhance the art making experience while

strengthening the global intellect of each individual

learner.  This program is a wonderful opportunity for

students who exhibit exceptional ability in the Visual Arts

to explore new media and in depth concepts. The goal of

the program is to provide a variety of sequential

experiences leading to advanced artwork and critical

thinking skills. Students will collaborate on group

projects like murals, stage design and art installations

as well as community based projects. 

All those who wish to apply to the FTS Art Club must 

submit their artwork to Mr. Smith by September 30th.

Art Club details can be found here.


Along with the FTS Art Club and the annual FTS Student

Art Exhibit, select student work will be showcased at the

Hunterdon County Library.

 In addition, FTS will again be participating in

the prestigious Young Artist Showcase at the historic

Hunterdon Art Museum. The exhibition date for FTS is from

March 9th - March 22nd. 2020, with the opening the

reception on Saturday, March 14th, from 2 - 3pm. 

 For more information, click the link below!



I'm looking forward to another exciting year at FTS.

As always, your continued support is greatly appreciated!




Mr. Smith